Download AMXDmax Video or Presentation (pdf)

Male System

AMXDmax Video Manual Male

AMXDmax Video Manual Male (Disposable)

Female System

AMXDmax Video Manual Female

AMXDmax Video Manual Female (Disposable)

TSC Installation Guide

AMXDmax Female Pad & Undergarment Sizing Chart
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Cup w/Removable Hose Introductory Manual
Download (.pdf)

Pad w/Removable Hose Introductory Manual
Download (.pdf)

Male Garment Data Sheet
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AMXDmax Female 
Training and Evaluation Procedure
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AMXDmax QuickStart Training Guide 
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AMXDmax Presentation
Comprehensive summary of the AMXDmax features and history.
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AMXDmax Users Manual 
The AMXDmax Users manual.
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AMXDmax Video Manual 
The AMXDmax video manual
Male - Vimeo
Female - Vimeo

AMXDmax Marketing Video
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AMXDmax HSD Presentation
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Piddle Pack w/ Sponge Flame Test
AMXDmax Collection Bag Flame Test