"It is perfectly safe and effective and certainly gives aviators another option for in-flight relief." 
Major M.V. Female A-10 Pilot

"I think it is a much easier and safer alternative to current systems. It does not require transferring aircraft control to the WSO or any amount of un-strapping. The collection bags are sealed and much easier to handle and stow in the cockpit than other systems." 
Capt. E.S. Female F-15E Pilot

"It is a key mission enabler/enhancer for long duration missions or missions where the amount of flight/survival gear makes using a traditional piddle pack close to impossible or cause safety of flight issues with disconnecting from the seat belts. I believe it is a much better system and needs to be fielded ASAP."
1st Lt.  A.B. Male F-16 Pilot

"It definitely helps promote staying well hydrated especially in the winter/cold weather environments when wearing additional gear makes using the traditional piddle pack near impossible."
1st Lt. B.B. Male F-16 Pilot