Omni Medical Systems, Inc. is a state of the art research, development and production company located in Colchester, Vermont.  

Omni has been involved in research, design and development of mechanical and electromechanical systems for the past 25 years.  Omni has successfully commercialized 55 products with 11 US patents and additional patents pending.

Our History

History of the AMXD

FDA Approved Fabrication

Mil Spec Machining Centers

ISO9001:2008 Quality Management

Omni's future developments include: a Pulmonary Cooling Apparatus, a personal cooling device providing war fighters in Chem-Bio suits a feasible way to combat heat stress, extreme cold weather and flame retardant clothing ensembles for aircrew and Warfighter use, as well as a new light weight Personal Ballistic Protection System.


Aircrew Environmental Test Lab